We need your help!

Please help us by donating! Your donation will directly affect people’s lives. You may specify your donation for Wheelchair Soccer, Scholarship Fund, Independence House, or General Fund. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Please note that this Foundation is run entirely by Volunteers, allowing all of your donation to be used for programs.


To mail donations, send to:

The Independence Foundation
2220 Hall Road
Elma, NY 14059

Checks should be made payable to The Independence Foundation.


Ways you can help:

The Independence Foundation is a proud participant in the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County and Niagara County Community Care Campaign and Donor Choice Program for 2007.

The United Way Community Care Campaign provides donors with a unique opportunity to support a diverse network of human services. A gift to United Way Community Care ensures that critical needs are met in the community. In addition to your gift to United Way Community Care, you may consider adding a gift designated to The Independence Foundation.

Please consider us as you make your United Way designations.

— or —

  • Volunteer positions available. – We need helpers at bowling and at Card Nights.
  • Come to a wheelchair soccer game and cheer on the players and/or help put guards on wheelchairs.
  • Hold a “Dress Down day” at work for The Independence Foundation. Download our Dress Down Flyer
  • We can be a beneficiary to wills, bequests, property, and insurance policies.
  • We participate in Matching Gift programs—if you have one at work, you can double your donation! Simply send us the paperwork along with your check.
  • Recent Contributors

  • The Per Miente Club
  • The Rubin Family through The Childern’s Guild Foundation $500
  • J & M Fast Frieght $300
  • Haunted House & Hayride by Bowmansville Fire Dept $891
  • Main Mobility Tie Downs
  • Mary at Fenton Mobility $100, Ann M, and Marie M.
  • The Tomasello Family $200
  • Inergex
  • Bob & Heidi Smith
  • Applied Fabric Technologies in Honor of Peter & Carole Lane from their employees $266
  • Christmas Homecoming Concert $2700
  • Praxair Jeans Day $937.50
  • Perry Cycle Works $300
  • Anonymous $300
  • Ted Koeth $1000
  • Kim Kirsch $100
  • Scrip Gift Card Profits $453
  • Dorothy Janiszewski in Loving Memory of Mark Swiatkowski $50
  • Mary Boguhn $60 iTunes gift cards
  • Mr & Mrs Wurst $500
  • Mr & Mrs Koeth $100
  • Haunted Hay Ride $891
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